Indicators on ship spare parts You Should Know

Commerce Harbor FZE is passionate about ships and assist our clients by providing Genuine and OEM ship spare parts for their fleet machineries. Our sourcing and supply departments are committed to deliver as required ship spares worldwide to ocean going vessels in most economical way.



Why Choose Commerce Harbor FZE

1. Values: Commitment to safety, team work, accountability and profitable performance.

2. Mission: To heighten our client's pride, continuous and exceptional customer focus, uncompromised care for our employees and committed towards saving the environment.

3. Vision: People and systems in the organization must be constantly fine-tuned to customer needs and management's evolving concept of service excellence.



Commerce Harbor FZE sells Ship Spare Parts of:

Engine Parts
We proudly supply the best quality Marine Engine spare parts and machineries of wide variety to ship owners and ship management companies.

Auxiliary Parts
We offer a full-spectrum of Auxiliary ship parts and equipments from our unrivalled scope of supply backed up by worldwide suppliers.

Deck Items
We at Commerce Harbor can meet all requirements relating to deck.These supplies include a wide variety of items.

Marine Engine
It is very important to keep your diesel engine working in excellent condition whether it is used for propulsion or power generating purposes, maximum productivity is very important. We specialize in marine diesel engine spare parts such as Crankshafts, Connecting Rods, Liners, Fuel pumps, Cylinder Covers, Piston rods, Pistons, Camshafts, Valve spindles & seats, Nozzle & Plungers and various other parts on specific requirement.

Auxiliary Engine
Marine Auxiliary Engine are manufactured withhold the rigorous environment they will be installed and operated, along with maintaining the continuity of operation to provide uninterrupted power supply to various ship systems. If you are looking for a quality Auxiliary Engine and their spare parts then you have landed at the right spot.

Marine Pumps
Pumps on board a seagoing vessel are critically important, uptime and reliability are key. Commerce Harbor FZE offers quality spare parts for all pump categories such as Cargo pumps, Firefighting pumps, Centrifugal and Worm gear pumps, Hydraulic pumps, Lube Oil pumps for boiler burners, Sea water pumps.

Purifier Separators is imperative to carry out treatment in order to remove solid impurities from fuels and lubricating oils before they are supplied to the marine engine.
Proper maintenance is highly recommended for every purifier. Commerce Harbor FZE can assist you keeping a low maintenance cost for your Purifiers by providing you with quality OEM & Genuine spare parts from our global suppliers network.

Air Compressors
Air compressor is an integral part of engine room on-board. Compressed air is used on board ships for starting diesel engines, in pneumatic control systems, refilling BA sets and other pneumatic tools.
Because of our reliable global sources network we are able to provide our customers with new or second hand reconditioned air compressors in the most competitive prices.

Heat Exchangers
Heat exchangers serve to exchange and conduct thermal energy from one element to another. That is why they are used predominantly in heating, refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
Commerce Harbor FZE offers a wide range of heat exchangers with proven performance in on broad applications.

Boiler & Incinerator
When your boiler breaks down, there is one crucial part to check that is the boiler burner. Having a spare part at hand greatly reduces the time required for replacement. At Commerce Harbor FZE, we offer a comprehensive supply of boiler and burner spare parts from different makers.
Disposal of waste material at sea has to be carefully handled. Incineration is amongst the most efficacious disposal methods, while also helping to save storage capacity on board.

We at Commerce Harbor FZE recognizes the importance of a functional incinerator. Not only does an efficient incinerator improve vessel uptime, it also helps to ensure IMO compliance.

No matter whether you are seeking critical spare parts urgently or to acquire a backup, we have you covered. Our resources are located all over the world so you can choose to have your products delivered at any convenient port.

Oily Water Separator
The oily water separator (OWS) is a very important piece of equipment carried on board. It is used to ensure that water is discharged overboard within legal limits. The oily water separator must be maintained in full working order and operated according to MARPOL regulations.
We at Commerce Harbor FZE can provide wide range of spare parts for separators of different functional principles.

Auxiliary Machinery Parts
Keeping everything shipshape on ship ensures safety and operational efficiency. MAN B&W parts That's why it’s pleasant to know that Commerce Harbor has access to the makers of all the ship spare parts you could ever need.


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